Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hints of spring

I know Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and promptly dove back into his hole for another six weeks of winter. Here in the South however, we've got his less famous cousin Beau (short for Beauregard) Lee. Beau disagreed with his Northern counterpart and didn't see his shadow, meaning an early spring this year. Based on the weather we've had since the lesser famous rodent hopped out of his hole, I'd have to say Beau was right! The dog agrees...Spring fever?!?

Anyway there are signs of spring everywhere around the farm.

Pear tree's first bloom

We've been busy around here lately. The strawberries arrived right before Christmas and all 6000 had to be planted. They are planted under a high tower greenhouse in a hydroponic stacker system. We use a planting medium made up of rice hulls and pine bark. It's the first year using this particular medium so it should be interesting to see the differences in our crop.

From this...

To this...we should be getting our first ripe berry any time now!

Now that should really give you spring fever.

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