Monday, August 18, 2008

Farmer's Table

So everyone has been asking "When is the next farm dinner?" and I am pleased to let you know that it will be October 11.
We have been enjoying cooler days with much less humidity and we hope by then we will have cool fall evenings.
This will be our Fall Harvest Dinner spotlighting all our favorite fall foods and flavors.

Social Hour
Artisan Cheese and Bread
Sweet Potato Ravioli with Local Greens and Applewood Smoked Bacon
Harvest Beet Salad with Pears and Spiced Pecans
Glazed Autumn Vegetables
Brussel sprouts, turnips, carrots and parsnips
Pork on Pork
Pork shoulder and belly(bacon cut) simmered in a rich Bourbon Sauce with Creamy Grits
Harvest Pie Table
back by popular demand
Selection of our favorite pies for Fall
$65 per person
As always seats are limited so reserve yours early, no reservations will be held without payment. Call Waterberry Farm @ 334-886-2454 or e-mail

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This will probably be the last week we have figs. sigh. Oh well there's plenty going on at Waterberry right now. The Kieffer pears are just beginning. Kieffer pears are old pear variety that grows everywhere here in the Southeastern U.S. It's a very hard pear that is best picked green and allowed to ripen after picked. Although these pears aren't good to just eat, they are great canned. Because they are a hard pear they make wonderful preserves and pies. This week, for market, we used our pears to make Pear, Pineapple,and Apricot preserves. Stop by our booth at the 84 west Farmers Market to pick up a jar. Get there early and you just might get one of the last pints of our figs! We'll also have pesto and sun-dried tomatoes. Of course we'll have plenty of our hydroponically grown butterhead lettuce. See you at the market!