Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This will probably be the last week we have figs. sigh. Oh well there's plenty going on at Waterberry right now. The Kieffer pears are just beginning. Kieffer pears are old pear variety that grows everywhere here in the Southeastern U.S. It's a very hard pear that is best picked green and allowed to ripen after picked. Although these pears aren't good to just eat, they are great canned. Because they are a hard pear they make wonderful preserves and pies. This week, for market, we used our pears to make Pear, Pineapple,and Apricot preserves. Stop by our booth at the 84 west Farmers Market to pick up a jar. Get there early and you just might get one of the last pints of our figs! We'll also have pesto and sun-dried tomatoes. Of course we'll have plenty of our hydroponically grown butterhead lettuce. See you at the market!

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